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Fear is a necessary emotion and every child has a fear to face and their parents can help them by talking to them, asking them softly and without forcing them to tell them what is frightening them. The child who has the opportunity to speak freely about his fears will succeed in overcoming them. 

The game includes 20 cards, differentiated by the title written above, which offer fun activities to do with the child. 

These cards have a back with instructions for parents and a front with a picture and a rhyme. The child can observe the picture on the card while the parent reads the rhyme, then they can do the suggested activity together. 

All the activities offered offer a starting point to talk about fear, calmly and tenderly, in an atmosphere of acceptance which reduces tensions and helps to face the problem. 

  • Includes: 20 educational Flash cards. 
  • Recommended for ages 2, 3, 4, 5 and over.
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